Model V2000
Dimension 680(L)x665(W)x435(H)mm 825(L)x815(W)x510(H)mm 970(L)x865(W)x1020(H)mm
Working Area 450(L)x310(W)mm 610(L)x420(W)mm 660(L)x495(W)mm
Pallet Package 810x810x680(mm) 960x920x750(mm) 1130x1010x1220(mm)
Net/Gross weight 68kgs/100kgs 100kgs/140kgs 180kgs/220kgs
Max height of workpiece 150(H)mm 210(H)mm
Sealed-Off CO2 Laser 30W/60W 30W/40W/60W/80W/100W
Both sides door opening YES N/A
Exhaust Outside exhaust required, one 4" connection
Requiring 250 CFM air flow
Outside exhaust required, one 4" connection
Requiring 500 CFM air flow
Emergency stop switch YES
Max engraving Speed 1524mm/sec (60"/sec)
Motor Drive Stepping Motor
Standard Feature Pin-Type Auto Focus, Red Beam pointer, USB
Control Panel Convenient & Symbolic hot keys
Joint Curve End Speed for Arc Cutting
Options Air Blower, Honeycomb cutting table with/without dust collector, Rotary attachment, Multifunction Jig
Regulatory compliance CDRH Class I, CE Certification, RoHS, IECE/FDA Certification
Computer Operation System Require a dedicated PC to poerate. Compatible with Window 7/8/10 - 32/64 bit
Compatible with all Windows Base Graphic Software
Working Environment Air-cooled, Operation environment temperature : 15 ~ 35°C (58 ~ 86°F)