LTT was founded since 1987 in Hsin Chu, Taiwan.

Our Mission

As a laser engineering department for our customers, we use the advantage of laser beam technology: fast, precision, fine and clean to solve the problems in production and create value for our customers.

Our Core Values

To serve the customer
LTT exists mainly to serve the customer; this is also the area where we exert much effort. In reality, unless we can give great benefit to our customers, all our work is useless. We consider the views of our customers very important and are very concerned about the customers’ degree of satisfaction.

To pursue innovation
Through continuous innovation we strive to improve our performance as well as add value to our products and services. We have not only made innovations in our technology, but we have also tried new things in the areas of marketing, production, human resources and management. To us, innovation is an on-going process.

To make good on our promises
Honesty and commitment are our basic attitudes in life and at work.We do not exaggerate; we don’t criticize our peers; and we do not pretend to say one thing and do another. Our main principle is to deliver on what we have promised.

To maintain quality
Our mission is to prioritize quality and to try to get everything right the first time. We will never put second-rate products into the hands of our customers. Quality is the only thing we never compromise on.

To be people-oriented
We believe in people. We believe that, through mutual trust and honesty, appropriate training, and complete on-the job experience, the average employee can become a mature talented person who takes initiatives, who is creative as well as efficient.

We believe that talented employee is LTT’s greatest asset and that it is also the key to the company’s future growth and development.